Top Load Washer Stops Mid-Cycle

  • Troubleshooting

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    Is the wash load unbalanced?

    An unbalanced load can cause the machine to stop. If this is the case, turn the washer to OFF, open the washer and redistribute the load, then restart the cycle.

    Has the circuit breaker tripped?

    Check the circuit breaker and reset it if it's tripped.

    Water Inlet Valve

    Important: Unplug the washer from power source before starting any inspection or repair work.

    The water inlet valve allows water to flow into the machine before and during the cycle. If the washer is stuck mid-cycle, it's possible this part is at fault and isn't supplying water as expected.

    Drain Pump

    If your washer stops in between the wash and rinse phases, and it's still full of soapy water, it's possible the drain pump is faulty. The washer needs to drain the dirty water before fililng with clean water for the rinse, and if the drain pump isn't working, the machine won't be able to move on to the next phase.

    Timer Knob

    If your front load washer has a timer knob, check that next. Remove the knob by pulling it out or pushing in and then rotating it counter-clockwise. Check the knob for defects like cracks or excessive wear, especially where there timer shaft is inserted. If the knob isn't in working condition, it won't advance the timer, and the machine will be stuck mid-cycle.