The First Complete Non-Marking Bumper System

Running the laundry or housekeeping department in your facility comes with plenty of expenses, and that does not even include the potential damages of hard-rimmed laundry carts being slammed into walls. Fortunately, the problems with hard edges and cross contamination can be fully mitigated with this new revolutionary cart. Take a look at some of this cart’s benefits!

1. Fully Sewn Bumper System Eliminates Shredding of Liners.

In health care and medical facilities, cross contamination is of the upmost importance. Laundry carts need to transport potentially hazardous linens without risking contamination to other units. Each torn liner results in another cost for a facility, driving up overhead and causing higher costs to the consumer.

2. The Antimicrobial Vinyl Liner Keeps Pathogens From Spreading.

Hospitals and hotels are two places where pathogens can spread quickly due to close proximity of other patients or guests. Upgrade the nylon laminate liner to a heavy-duty, antimicrobial vinyl liner, which can be fully disinfected. In fact, an antimicrobial vinyl cover is also available, and health care facilities can further reduce the risk of cross contamination by adding a hinged poly cover to the cart. Plus, both liners are flame retardant too!

3. Zinc-Plated Steel Bases Are Available in Different Configurations.

Depending on the size of your facility, you may need to maneuver your cart through corridors, around heavy equipment and into tight areas, such as elevators. The zinc-plated steel bases resist rusting, and multiple caster configurations let you select a cart that will round the tightest corners with ease. Face it: a cart rolling down the hall sounds like a freight train when you are sick! So, semi- and full-pneumatic upgrade options for the casters virtually eliminate noise when transporting linens, promoting a more healing, comfortable and peaceful environment.

4. Accessories Lighten the “Load” for Your Employees.

Keeping the linens of your organization clean requires brunt force. Your employees will be lifting hundreds of pounds of linens each day from cart to washer, washer to dryer and back to shelves. Spring platforms can be added to this cart to make sure your employees never have to stoop over into the bin to reach items. At the same time, this will help keep your employees’ backs healthy, reducing the workplace injuries.

5. The Non-Marking Bumper System Stops Scruffs, Scratches and Damage to Walls!

This is the most innovative feature of this cart. Have your employees ever been in a hurry to get work finished, resulting in the slamming of the cart against a wall? In some cases, the carts may actually rest against walls in your laundry facilities. Even with minimal impact, traditional wooden or metal rims will damage your walls over time. However, this cart uses an air-cushion bumper to absorb the force of impact, protecting your walls more than any other cart in the market. Your facility is your passion, and you can help protect it with this innovative cart. To take advantage of the non-marking bumper in your facility, start shopping here.