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Troubleshooting Moisture Sensor


Is the front of the dryer blocked by anything?

Avoid placing anything in front of the dryer, as it draws in air from the bottom front. If the intake is blocked, the dryer can overheat, which will trigger the safety devices in the dryer, shutting it off.

Is the dryer level?

If the dryer isn't level and tipped toward the rear, your clothes can collect in the back, too far from the sensor rods. And if the sensor rods don't detect moisture, the dryer will turn off thinking the clothes are already dry. Adjusting the level of your dryer will solve this.

Is the dryer on an automatic setting?

When the dryer is on auto-mode, the timer may advance only sporadically. This is normal behavior.

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Moisture Sensor

Important: Unplug the dryer from its power source before starting any inspection or repair work.

The moisture sensor controls the dryer when it's set to automatic. The wetness of the clothes is measured by the sensors, and when there's no more moisture, the dryer shuts off.

If the sensor is defective, it may cause the dryer to cycle off sooner than it should. Another reason for the sensor to not work is when fabric softener chemicals coat it. When coated, it can't detect the moisture in the clothes, and then the dryer will stop.

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