Top Load Washer Overflows

  • Troubleshooting

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    Is there enough water pressure from the house water supply to the washer?

    The washer needs at least 20 PSI to shut off automatically when filled. If the water pressure is too low, the washer will continue to accept water, causing an overflow.

    Water Inlet Valve

    Important: Unplug the washer from power source before starting any inspection or repair work.

    The water inlet valve is defective and must be replaced if the power is off but the water continues to flow.

    Pressure Switch and Air Tube

    The pressure switch is another part that helps the washer know there is enough water in the tub. If it's defective, water will continue filling. There is an air tube that connects to the switch. As water fills the tub, the air pressure in the tube increases as well. When the correct pressure is achieved, water should shut off.

    Check the air tube for damage, and then check the pressure switch.